Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Emily Carmichael's Starmeter up 47%!!

There are a few precious moments in the creative life of the mind---finishing a masterwork, being broadly recognized by the public and your peers, and being mentioned on IMDB for the first time. Our founder and creative director Emily Carmichael secured an entry based on her story development work for the 2006 Oscar short-listed short film One Rat Short. She's standing tall---a short at a time.

KCD gazes up in wonder and takes this moment to embarrass her on her own news page. Congratulations Emily!! For everyone else, keep an eye out, there is much, much, much more to come from our lovely commander-in-chief.

At right, Emily sizes up a shot with KCD compatriot and Ghost and Us DP Katy Scoggin looking on.

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