Thursday, July 23, 2009

Very Old Posts: sins of graphic design

Okay. So all this contemplation of my limitations as a blogger has brought one more thing to mind--my tendency to obsess over perfecting posts until I lose interest in them and they lose all temporal relevance (such as they had.) In that spirit, I am shoving all my backlogged posts into the world, no matter how unfinished they may be.


I really, really like giving my opinion on things. I want to even when not invited or even allowed to do so. I frequently click "contact" links to, for example, advise the designers of these posters to use the popular English contractions "he's" and "what's."

But this is bad, and I should not do this. So I'm just going to use this space to say the following:

It is not, in my opinion, advisable to put fake sparkles on your products, even if those products are, in their best light, sparkly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Okay so since this timely, vital post was first conceived, the company responsible for the offensive confections, and for many other more egregious examples of faux sparkelry, has apparently disappeared. THE ORIGINAL SPARKLES WERE FAR, FAR MORE UNACCEPTABLE.


  1. Hey Emily, nice blog! For my money/wasted time on the internet, I vastly prefer an interesting post about some forgotten corner of the internet to one on a topic that has been blogged about (i.e. rehashed) about a thousand times within the first twenty minutes of breaking. So...keep it up!

  2. Why thank you, kind internet traveler, I will.