Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Themes Are Foolish

Yaay to Daniel Engber's commentary on Wall-E.

To this I have only a few things to add:

1. To the library of really well-made animated movies brought down by anti-fat sentiment add Monster House, which is quirky and lovely until ultimate evil is revealed to be a semi-verbal crazy fat lady from a carnival freakshow. (Oh sorry--SPOILER ALERT. Stupid movie.)

2. Remember how we all thought the Incredibles was brilliant and beautifully made and also saddled with a bizarrely out of touch and vaguely fascist thematic line? Analogous, maybe?

3. Daniel Engber, when unoccupied in social situations, will invite those around him to play The V8 Game. 

4. The V8 Game consists of him asking you to name the 8 Vegetables whose juices constitute V8.

5. The V8 Game is actually kind of fun.


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