Sunday, January 25, 2009

finally I get to be a comics fan upset over casting

I really like Michael Cera. I have only seen him do the one thing, where in he bumbles adorably and naturalistically, but it is totally charming to watch and he is very good at it. But I don't--gaah, so sue me, I don't think he's cute enough to be Scott Pilgrim.

Scott pilgrim is an immature, emotionally incompetent slacker who girls fight with knives over. (Okay one girl.) He is clearly you know, a little bit attractive, in the way that appeals to you when you're sixteen and don't know any better and are just looking for some blandly pleasing (but not SCARY pleasing) vessel in which to pour your adolescent fantasies. I'm in fact pretty sure literal reference is made to his cuteness in the book.

Maybe all I'm saying is that personally, as, you know, a woman, if these three men were fighting for my affection I would root for Chris Evans.

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