Friday, February 13, 2009

I am sick and tired of not being an advice columnist

Okay here's the thing. IT IS QUITE HARD TO BECOME AN ADVICE COLUMNIST. Not just hard to become a PAID advice columnist, but hard to position yourself to receive enough decent/stimulating/fucked-up questions from which to create an advice column. I've tried craigslist, to no avail--how is it that nearly a hundred people want to sound design my film, but not one will send me embarrassing questions about genital piercings?

Wait, actually--that's probably exactly how it should be.

ANYWAYS, I have decided to give UNSOLICITED advice. I am currently combing the nets for people without problems, people who don't know they have problems, and people who have not asked me for help with their problems. Your problems will also be entertained, if you WILL JUST IF ONLY PLEASE E-MAIL THEM TO:

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