Friday, April 24, 2009

You're reading this blog because you've ALREADY watched everything on the Onion, right?

Should We Be Doing More To Reduce The Graphic Violence In Our Dreams?

Usually the Onion's In The Know segments are just people riffing competently on a single joke, but this one takes a turn into the surreal that I find creepy and hilarious.


  1. Yes!! And to this video---YES!!

    Did you know that disappointing and received are misspelled in your bio?

    Also, it's Talk of THE Nation unless NPR has an out of place nationalistic talk show I don't know about.

    Awesome bio so maybe it's like one of those Persian rug thing-a-ma-dos?

  2. The Onion is using its exquisite humor for sinister ends. That blood from the mouth thing totally going to haunt me tonight.

  3. There was a crazy joke book from the 80s filled with jokes about dead babies. There's a nice little homage in there about that. Intertextuality humor!