Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Magic of Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a lovely, inscrutable service that lets you know when someone blogs about you and when yet another imdb clone springs up which refers to your films. (It also, in the charmingly piecemeal and desultory fashion of a highschooler discovering Bhuddism, informs you that you have a webpage.)

However, nothing previous could prepare me for the following gem. (link is below, but I actually feel sort of bad driving traffic there so check out these screenshots. Click to enlarge.)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Google Alerts
Date: July 21, 2009 6:25:48 AM EDT
Subject: Google Alert - "That's My Majesty"

Google Web Alert for: "That's My Majesty"

film That's My Majesty trailer
film That's My Majesty trailer. 2008 Short, Comedy, Fantasy,

This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

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