Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boyfriend In A Coma

Josh has had Girlfriend In A Coma on repeat for 15 minutes which prompted a string of tweets from me about why, exactly, "girlfriend in a coma" is such a perfect 4-word pitch for a pop song, and subsequently such a great pop song.

Is it, actually, serious?

I guess I've always heard it as a smooth, infectious joke, but am I wrong?

I feel like I understand deeply and precisely the degree to which for instance "No One Else" is serious. That wasn't true the first time I heard No One Else, actually. Me and my brother had the following conversation:

Me (pubescent feminist rage): This song is DISGUSTING.
My brother: It's brilliant.
Me: Have you HEARD it? "Who will laugh for no one else?"
MB: It's about male jealousy.
Me: "When I'm away she never leaves the house"???
Me: It's-- oh.
[long pause.]
Me: So it's like... making fun of that/
MB: It's--rrr--it's not--
you don't understand.

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