Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ledo and Ix 2: Casting Call

The second adventure of Ledo and Ix is in the final phases of production!

Not to give too much away: In this episode our heroes arrive in a town. A town which, as of now, is woefully underpopulated!

I would lovvvvvvve you to contribute a character (or a few!) to fill up the town! It's easy:

  • Save one of the files below and open it in Photoshop, or just make a new file that's about 50 pixels tall.
  • Create a new layer for your character and use the pencil tool to start drawing! You can turn the original bottom layer on and off if you want to have one of the exisiting sprites as a guide.
  • Save your new layer as a .png and e-mail it to me or post it to the comments!
  • Characters should be approximately to scale--to give you an idea, Ledo is 49 pixels tall (counting her black outline) and Ix is 45 pixels tall counting his.
  • You can make a few poses or just one
  • Styles are a mix of medieval European/Japanese/pan-Asian/really kind of anything goes!
Below are the original, full sized pngs:

Also, if anyone gets an urge to decorate the town--signs on the shops (in japanese or english), pixilated flower boxes, anything--that'd be awesome! Just open the .png of the town and start a new layer for your edits--that way I can put them right on top.

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