Friday, March 5, 2010

Freelance Positions Available for Animators


We're getting ready to blast ahead with new episodes of Ledo and Ix. Hiring animators for three positions:

  • Lead Animator
    The Lead Animator will be responsible for completing each episode using elements supplied by the Character Animator and Background Artist and, and incorporating the work of the sound designer and composer. You must be a skilled user of the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Flash.
  • Background Artist
    The Background Artist will be responsible for creating unique pixilated vintage videogame-style environments. 
  • Character AnimatorThe Character Animator will work closely with the Lead Animator and Writer/Director to create and animate the series’ characters, bringing complex and believable motion to tiny pixilated sprites. Should know Flash or be a fast learner.
Please submit a resume and cover letter telling us a bit about yourself to:

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  1. Why don't you update your website anymore? :(