Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception: This film is going to inspire a lot of flow charts

So, we just got back from seeing Inception, which I loved, and which I think everyone watching with me at least enjoyed.

But I have a question.

It's not about the plot.

It contains no spoilers, but it won't make sense unless you've seen the film.

Did they lose a bunch of footage?

Think back. When stuff starts going crazy in the level 2 ("posh hotel") dreamworld, and we cut back to the van in the level 1 dreamworld, and see that the van is thrashing around in level 1 road havoc, and everyone is being tossed around like oblivious rag dolls, we only see the one angle, which has Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the foreground.

And a lot of times that makes sense, as he's the one left behind in the level 2 dreamworld so the car chase in the van affects him most intimately, except stuff starts going crazy in levels 1 and 2 WHILE most of the characters are still in level 2, and still we only see JGL.

So seriously. Lost footage? Cancelled shoot day?

I'm proud that this question combines fanboy nerdiness with filmmaker nerdiness.

Also it's a little disappointing how folding a city in half turns out to not be a useful or practical way of performing any missions.

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