Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From: Futuristic Brooklyn

Where have I been and what have I been doing?

On Saturday, we had a preliminary read-through of Futuristic Brooklyn. Drinks were drunk, accents were employed, sibilant reptilian languages were created on the spot. 

Futuristic Brooklyn will be ready for another reading on Valentine's Day. In the mean time, here are some possibly elucidating fragments:

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dr. Levin

So you are… "proficient in armed and unarmed forms of combat…"


I am, yes.

dr. Levin

And you saved the world?


Ah, once.

dr. Levin

Did you want to talk more about that?


Oh there was, you know, a power struggle over a young girl who harbored a sort of strange secret energy. You know how these things go.

dr. Levin

Ah, sure.
So, how do you see this relating to teaching children with learning disabilities?

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ext. street - night

When Callen floors the gas the man leaps onto the hood, runs the length of the car as it accelerates, and lands on his feet in the road.

Silently, Callen shouts at Arrow.

Transfixed, Arrow stares out the back window.

Receding rapidly into the distance, the man gets his bearings and stands.

Arrow's eyes are like saucers.

The car speeds away.

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Vanessa and about 15 of her eighth grade classmates are lined up in semi-formalwear for a photo.

It seems most of her classmates are human, except for one who is a manticore.

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