Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What happened was, I spent a good piece of the summer teaching HERE. It was my job to prep 70 super-gifted black and latino seventh graders for the entrance exam they need to take to break into the fancy, blazer-y world of New England private prep schools, whence they will go on to become world-eating dynamos.

The students are awesome, awesome people. Teaching was super hard work, mainly because---OMG teaching whole classes of brilliant twelve year olds is very hard work. By the end of the summer I had a pretty good "Serious Teacher means business NOW" voice and was using it to great effect.

Now, I never yell when I'm directing. I don't think. Someone tell me if I'm wrong. There have been times when I've been like "everyone needs to bear with me because I am going to be yelly so that we make our day," but that's like, bracketed. It's a special case. I really thought that everything you could accomplish with yelling you could also accomplish with not-yelling, but I think when you're dealing with kids you really do have to come in strong and assert authority on the very first day, so you don't have to attempt to prove your authority on every subsequent day. I think probably when you're raising kids, also. It did make me grateful for everyone who has ever worked on one of my films and unquestioningly accepted my usually quite gentle style of leadership.

Anyways, the first episode of the new season of Ledo and Ix will start production tomorrow, a day on which it will still be August, so I am possibly not a liar if you have a forgiving definition?

You can join the mailing list and get a glimpse of the new season via the widget below. I'll be sure to e-mail the mailing list when the episodes start airing. We're also going to have a Kickstarter campaign up with some pretty awesome awards (such as appearing in an episode of Ledo and Ix, for all you big spenders out there.)

Finally, here's a look at Song-A-Day crooner Jonathan Mann sporting his awesome new Ledo T-shirt.

And in case anyone didn't click on the links which are to Jonathan's amazing Kickstarter video in which he explains, among other things, how to deal with writer's block, here it is. Watch it.

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